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Localizing Splendid City Sports Scheduler

With the release of Splendid City version 6.6, users may now specify a default locale or language to use. This localization inludes the software graphical user interface as well as the software produced schedule output.

Users have a choice of up to (but not limited to) 40 localizations. The current choices are:

English English (United States)
English English (United Kingdom)
Splendid City in Spanish Spanish (Spain)
Splendid City in Armenian Armenian (Armenia)
Splendid City in Bosnian Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Splendid City in Catalan Catalan (Spain)
Splendid City in Danish Danish (Denmark)
Splendid City in German German (Germany)
French (France)
Splendid City in Frisan Frisian (Netherlands)
Splendid City in Gallegan Gallegan (Spain),
Splendid City in Georgian Georgian (Georgia),
Splendid City in Italian Italian (Italy)
Splendid City in Khmer Khmer (Cambodia)
Lithuanian (Lithuania)
Hungarian (Hungary)
Malay (Singapore)
Dutch (Netherlands)
Norwegian (Norway)
Polish (Poland)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Romanian (Romania)
Slovak (Slovakia)
Slovenian (Slovenia)
Finnish (Finland)
Swedish (Sweden)
Turkish (Turkey)
Czech (Czech Republic)
Greek (Greece)
Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
Macedonian (Macedonia)
Russian (Russia)
Hebrew (Israel)
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
Thai (Thailand)
Chinese (China)
Chinese (Taiwan)
Japanese (Japan)
Korean (South Korea)

More languages CAN be added by creating new '' files where xx is substituted by the language code and YY is substituted by the country code. For more information on language codes go here. For country codes visit the ISO page. After a file has been correctly named using the appropriate codes and format described above, users may open this file using the localization utility provided by the Splendid City software. To begin editing the file visit the Splendid City options/preferences --> Languages panel and click the [View | Edit] button.

This will present the Locale Utility that will allow you to edit filterable locale key entries using the language reference of choice.

Unedited keys are denoted in the keys list on the left in red. Users may save their localizations to a file to be opened later for further edits or choose to send their localizations to Niagara Software to be added in subsequent releases of Splendid City. (An internet connection is required to use the [Send to NS] feature)

Q. How do I specify the default locale that Splendid City should use.

A. You may specify the default locale by visiting the Splendid City options/preferences --> Languages panel, selecting the locale you would like to use and click the [Make Default] pushbutton. You will need to restart Splendid City for the locale changes to take effect. If you would also like to update publishing preferences to use the new locale, you should visit the Splendid City options/preferences --> Ouput panel and click the set to [Factory Settings] pushbutton to have the 'Output Column Names' to converted to the newly chosen locale.

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